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avant_exchange's Journal

Post/Math/Jazz/Prog/Whatever Exchange
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Use this community to upload any outsider metal or rock or indie or whatever you have. See interests for what I'm shooting for... You can go outside of the guidelines, but don't stray too far (no Fall Out Boy or Disgorge or Anti-Cimex for example).

Use RapidShare or MegaUpload or any other major P2P site.

It would be much better if you uploaded .ZIP or .RAR files. If you're going to upload indvidual songs (not recomended or encouraged, though), use MP3s. Try not to use MP4s, not every program can run those. Or .WAVs or .MIDIs, etc, etc...

Requests are accepted, but don't go overboard. The whole idea is to get people to upload stuff, not complain about what they don't have.

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